About Us

Welcome to COMnGO!

COMnGO is a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The idea of the project is to create trainings for NGOs in order to improve their communication’s skills and strategies as well as developing innovative residential and online training modules for people all around the world.

2018 Presencial Trainings:

Internal and External Communications.

Social Media.

Web Development.


Outputs of the Project: COMnGO Online Trainings

  • The aim of this project is to create FREE online tools and courses.
  • We also want to highlight the importance of good communication’s strategies in different organizations, specially NGO’s.
  • The trainings are developed in a practical and accesible way, to be shared with communication’s workers, students or any person interested.

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Empower NGOs and young people by sharing our own knowledge and supplying them with tools for more effective communication in pursuit to improve the world.

    Our Vision

    Our Vision

    We work towards a world with evenly distributed opportunities, based on sharing.

    Our Values

    Our Values

    • Sharing
    • Accesability
    • Equality
    • Personal Development

    Thanks to our Awesome Team!

    COMnGO Project’s Team is formed by professionals from different parts of the world that have made these online trainings possible. We want to thank all of them for their work and commitment, and everybody who has supported this project and still do it.

    Thanks to all our participants and NGO Partners: ADHC (France), Associazione Kora (Italy), Link (Estonia), CYA (Cambodia), GREAT (Indonesia), MySmallHelp Peru and Inprhu Somoto (Nicaragua). And of course, special thanks to Erasmus+ Programme!

    If you would like to contribute or join future activities, feel free to contact us and co-create with COMnGO: info@comngo.org

    The team:

    • Joe Moller, Denmark (Coordinator)
    • Bibie Bales, France (Coordinator)
    • Franco Malaspina, Italy (Trainer and Web Developer)
    • Simone Guaiducci, Italy (Trainer)
    • Alicia Vargas, Peru (Trainer, Web Developer and Graphic Designer)
    • Burhan Karakus, Turkey (Video Editor)
    • Marta C├íceres, Nicaragua (Content)
    • Simone Lollini, Italy (Social Media Manager)
    • Thomas Chaffraix, Estonia (Photography)